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This blog is a work in progress. It is a sharing of one Heathen’s exploration of faith, practice and the process of developing a Heathen theology in what I hope to be a thoughtful and systematic manner. There are plenty of “Heathenry 101” resources out there, so I do not intend to cover that level of material. The domain name ‘words find me’ refer to the verse from the Havamal quoted in the subtitle and form a prayer from me to the Gods for inspiration, wod-filling, that words may find me … and often they do.

Writing is one of my pleasures. For me it is also an act of worship, of giving worth and devotion to the Gods, Goddesses and wights. Sometimes it comes in a rush of inspiration, and at other times a piece might take me dozens of edits and revisions before I’m happy for others to read it. It is a way for me to focus and to give something to my fellow Heathens as well.

A little about me – I have been Heathen for around nine years. I’m Australian, and am currently living in New Zealand, and my experience is that where one has grown up and lives has as much of an influence on one’s outlook on Heathenry as does the lore and experience of the Gods and wights. As a result of this, I would describe my Heathenry as Australian (and now with some Kiwi influence too), and that there are qualitative differences from Heathenry as expressed in other local or regional cultures. For what it’s worth, I think this is a valuable thing and one of my ‘projects’ is to put these differences into words … and I would challenge other Heathens to do the same and recognise how their geographical and cultural situatedness inflects their Heathenry. One of the things I have done in my past is complete an Honours Degree in Theology, which I think has given me some tools to take on theology in a Heathen vein. In my professional life I am a Social Worker and have a keen interest in social justice and ethics.

Here is the “all my own work” statement – The essays published here I claim as my own original work, with what I hope is adequate referencing to the work of others where needed. As long as I am acknowledged as author, you are welcome to quote, link or refer to the thoughts, ideas and words contained herein under appropriate copyright legislation and academic honesty. Please consult the Creative Commons Licence conditions cited here – http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/

All comments are screened by default, and I may choose to make all, some or none viewable on the post to which they are made.

This is a public blog. My invitation is for all to come along for the ride!

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